Keep smiling…with a regular dose of motivation!


Our brain keeps on thinking – sometimes good thoughts and occasionally (or more often?) anxious thoughts. Irrespective of having family and friends circle, there are times when we feel lonely; when we feel the need to be alone; when we feel low; when we want to read something light, as a time pass, but which will energize us and make us feel better, Isn’t it?

This site is an attempt to soothe those who have anxious thoughts and wanting to bring about a change in their lives. It is not a one-stop-shop for all your motivation needs. But, if you come with an open mind, with an urge to improve your thinking process, your lifestyle, your overall way of living, I assure you that reading the blogs and quotes in this site will help you move a step forward with a smile!

The blogs here include concepts and tips that my friends or I have tried at some point in time. They are easy-read ones, and not so difficult to practice. These suggestions would improve you in some way or the other; that is assured.

The quotes in this site are collated from various sources, from Facebook, from WhatsApp forwards and other online sources. Quite ordinary ones, but at times browsing through these quotes help me change my way of thinking and energizes me. Hope this will energize you too.